Jay Blanco is best known for almost nothing of any huge consequence, but he tries really hard.

Jay was born amongst delicious steak and wine in the small Argentine town of Corrientesmeaning currents in Spanishto a stereotypically Jewish accountant/dentist couple.

He is loved by his family, with exception of the youngest of his 3 older brothers. Something about Jay throwing his brothers glasses in the river during a family holiday. It may sound like an excuse but Jay maintains he was a baby at the time of the incident.

Jay was born as a silly person and remains afflicted till this day. Some say that photos of him as a child show him with the same ridiculous facial expressions he sports today.

Despite this significant handicap, in 2015 he was miraculously awarded a PhD in Physics from Royal Holloway UniversityHis thesis has an incomprehensible title related to particle physics. Think the LEGO blocks of the universe. If you're feeling particularly interested or afflicted by terrible insomnia, please feel free to read his work. The title of his thesis can be roughly explained as

Trying to fit twenty square pegs into round holes, and only most of them not fitting.

He currently works in Japan as an English teacher and explores the land of the rising sun. So nothing to do with physics or data analysis, though he remains decisively amazed and encourage by our ability to put our differences aside to explore the inner workings of the universe. A great example of this is the excellent R-bloggers site by Tal Galili where you can find R and data science tutorials and articles. You'll find my data science articles there from time to time.