Helping my future self

I have a confession to make, I am terrible at being aware of what I need to have with me at any given point. I know I need to go to the meeting, but I have no idea where it is. I know I need to sign up for internet connection, but I don't have the proof of address that I need.

This is one of those areas where GTD has had almost magical results. Because I now plan everything ahead, creating a list of all steps required to complete a certain project, I always have the things I need with me without even having to think about it.

Going back to the internet connection, I may not be going to the store for a few days, but since I've planned everything ahead I've created the following action list:

Have internet at home:

  • Go online and find out how much it will cost
  • Find out where the store is
  • Find out which paperwork you need
  • Put paperwork in bag
  • Go to the store and sign up.

Now it could be that on Thursday I put the paperwork in my bag and completely forget about it. Come Monday I make my way to the store because that's what the list says. As I get to store I have a moment of panic because I think I've forgotten the paperwork only to open my bag and find it was there all along. Thank you past self!

Instead of feeling bad for forgetting the paperwork, I get this strange sense that somebody is secretly helping me along. But there is no secret assistant; it's just me. I feel a lot more safe and secure in the knowledge that the very next action I am taking is the right one to take.

Someday I will write a bit more about my experiences with GTD and my current job, but today is not that day.

Until I see you next time, have a great day!

-- Jacob Blanco