What is the point? - The strange demotivator

I start a blog every 3 years, usually spurred on by an article or a podcast with interesting ideas. Since there is usually nobody around to listen, I take to writing.

The problem is if nobody comments or responds, then what is the point?

So I decided it is time for a change of motivation. From now I write to improve my writing skills. To that end I've decided to dedicate every other morning's commute to writing.

These thirty minute windows of free time have been great. It's a little me time that I get to fill with whatever I want to do that day. Do I want to read the Dresden File? Bus Ride! Do I want to start writing? Bus Ride!

This delimited time means that I get to start something but that I also have to finish it. I can't have things half-done (or half-started, depending on your philosophical disposition). Whatever is written by the time the bus comes to a halt is what gets published.

I've been listening to Back to Work, a podcast with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin covering life and productivity, and all things in between. I have it on in the morning while making breakfast. The discussions can meander but in general it's a very insightful and honest look at simply being human.

Holy crap it's boiling in this bus! Melting!

I've started using OmniFocus trying to implement a trusted system. It's strange how scary it is to have implicit trust in your organizational system. The truth is that having everything in your head is a terrible solution. You will forgot things, you will miss appointments, and won't get stuff done, and yet it's scary to hand over control over your stuff to a piece of software, or a piece of paper, or a text file. A strong theme in my life lately has been self-examination and improvement. So I will continue to evovle how I keep myself on top of my commitments, whilst trying not to succumb to organizational porn.

Yes, that was all over the place and I make no apologies for it. Oh and there is my stop. Bye bye, see you next ride.