The numbers we obsess about #2

It seems that as a society we are obsessed with numbers. I talked about this in a recent article focusing on how we obsess with getting more money or GDP when they are just a means to an end.

But what if our obsession with certain numbers makes us not even try something at all? I recently found an amazing video essay series called The Long Game. In it Adam Westbrook covers the history of the greatest creators of our time, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Tesla, and how their greatest works, for which they are most famous, came after many years of dedicated study and creation, and very little success or recognition.

Adam closes out the series bringing up the point, that today more than ever we obsess about our popularity. It's probably because now it's easier to measure how popular you are. Youtube likes, comments, followers, subscriptions, engagement tracking, friends on facebook, retweets, and favourites. All measures of how popular or liked we are. Or atleast that's what social media companies would like us to believe.

But what happens when somebody chooses to quit early-on because of their low viewer counts? Would Van Gogh go on to make great works of art if his deviant-art page didn't get many favourites? Would we have the "Last Supper" if Da Vinci's twitter account wasn't so hot?

This very site offers a variety of metrics to track engagement, views per page, number of subscribers, likes on each article, and on and on. I caught myself checking the numbers a couple of times today.

I will do my best to avoid obsessing about these numbers and simply write because I enjoy it. Even if nobody reads it.

Have a good one. Until next time.

-- Jacob Blanco