Why can't I delete my account?!

Normally I talk about the topic of self-improvement and productivity, sharing things I'm trying out or ideas that I find interesting that others might want to explore. Today I'm gonna go on a rant.

I decided to start taking my personal online security more seriously, I've been using 1Password for a while but some older accounts still use the same password or haven't been updated in years. So I started with the most obvious first step, delete accounts on services that you don't use any more.

Here I ran into a problem, and this is where the rant begins. The number of sites, including e-commerce sites, which do not let you easily remove your information from their site is enfuriating. If I don't use your service, not letting me delete the account won't change that. At this point, that account is at best and inconvenience or at worse a security liability.

Instead of being able to hit the Delete Account button, I now need to find all the bits of personal identifying information and set it to something ridiculous. Why is this a thing that I need to do to keep my information online safe? What's the point of making this harder for me?

Dear every site that requires you to setup an account, please add an easy to find Delete Your Account button written in huge red letters to your My Account pages.

I urge you to look into your password manager and see how many unused accounts you have and see if you can delete them. Just Delete Me provides a directory with direct links to remove your account from different services. I am not sure if it's comprehensive or up to date but its a start.

Thank you, yours until I am not Jay Blanco