Becoming a better programmer in the new year

Welcome to 2015, I hope you've made the transition well and with all of your limbs intact. This year I am focused on learning as much about programming and being a professional software developer as I can. My hope is to join a good development team from whom I can learn a lot and contribute to in return.

To that end I have set up a personal Kanban board to keep track of all the things I want to learn. Oh boi! Let me tell you, there is a lot of stuff I want to learn. Since I don't have enough space to set-up a proper board, the Kanban is currently on the inside of my notebook and that has been working quite well.

One of the projects I've started on now is the development of a speedrunning split timer in Python. Speedrunning is the practice of attempting to finish games as quickly as possible by exploiting glitches and clever routing through the game. Runners will set-up a set of time splits through-out the game to keep track of their progress compared to world records or personal bests. There are numerous split timers out there but I've not been able to get any of them running on my Mac without crashing.

I figure this would be a nice, real-world pet project I can develop and improve my Python in the progress. This is not my first exposure to the language but it has been a while.

On the list is also learning about UML, Waterfall development, structured design and analysis, more C++, more refactoring techniques, more testing techniques, and more algorithms.

One step at a time. No pressure.