Polygon discusses the music of Grim Fandango HD

Polygon have just started doing a podcast called Framework chatting to people that make games about their stories, and how their game came to be. The first episode couldn't be more up my alley. Peter McConnell talks about his work as the composer for Grim Fandango and his journey as a creator through five songs that were revamped for the new HD remaster of one of the best adventure titles of all times.

Look maybe I am biased because Grim is one of my favourite games of all times, and the music has a large part to do with it, but I feel like this is one of the best examples of what game journalism should be. Congratulations on a phenomenal first episode to Dave Tach and everyone involved at Polygon!

I highly recommend you check the episode. Go. I'll wait.

Framework Episode One

I am definitely looking forward to future episodes.